Get Your Chimney in Tiptop Shape

Hire the preferred chimney sweeps in Alexandria & Pineville, LA

Without the knowledge and equipment of a chimney cleaning company, it's almost impossible to know your chimney's condition. William "Mr. Bill" Redfern will make sure your chimney will be up to snuff in no time. From cleanings to restorations, we can do it all in the Alexandria & Pineville, LA area. Call today for a free estimate from one of our master chimney sweeps.

Discover the William "Mr. Bill" Redfern difference

Our chimney cleaning company sets your satisfaction as a top priority. We'll go the extra mile to impress you by:

  • Working with refractory concrete
  • Being honest, reliable and professional
  • Providing free estimates for all services
  • Using a camera to inspect your chimney's interior and exterior
Call to speak with one of our first-rate chimney sweeps today.

What can we do for your chimney?

When it comes to your chimney, proper care is important. Without it, your chimney can pose a serious problem for your home. Let us worry about your chimney so you can just focus on enjoying it. You can hire us for:

Your chimney is in capable hands with our skilled team.